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Lauren Ohmer is a dance artist recognized internationally for her dynamic performances and creative collaborations in dance theater and film in North and Latin America. Born in Savannah, GA, Lauren began her formative dance training with Suzanne Braddy, founder and Artistic Director of the Savannah Ballet Theatre and then in Illinois, studying and performing with the Springfield Ballet Company under the direction of Julie Ratz. With a BFA in Dance from Butler University and an MFA in Dance from Montclair State University, Lauren's extensive classical, contemporary, and theatrical training support her work in the studio, on stage and screen. 

Before she began dividing her time between Savannah, GA and Tulum, Mexico, Lauren spent more than ten years as a member of the groundbreaking dance theater company, Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama, in New York City. As Assistant to the Choreographer, she had the great fortune to work closely with director, Anabella Lenzu, in the development of original AL/DD repertory and perform many principal roles. It was during this time with Lenzu that Lauren fell in love with the provocative idiom of dance theater and the inherent link between motion and emotion.

Lauren is thrilled to have reconnected to her artistic roots in Savannah, Georgia by offering accessible dance workshops and classes within the community. As a choreographer and performer, she is also involved in creating original repertory and dance film which invites you to abide in whimsical realities and emerge brimming with vibrant images, ideas, and memories. When not in Savannah, you can find Lauren in Tulum, Mexico, where she teaches modern dance, improvisation, and dance theater technique; choreographs and performs ensemble and solo works; and volunteers giving free dance classes to children of the local Mayan community. 

Upcoming Events

MARCH 11, 2023

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"Have I Told You About the Time..." is a dance-theater solo weaving together true stories and figurative snapshots of the life of a man (as a son, a Vietnam War Veteran, and a father) told through the eyes of his daughter, an expectant mother awaiting a son of her own. A journey of experiences and emotions unfolds via dance, spoken text, and film projections, while a whimsical soundtrack ranging from classical Spanish guitar to 60's rock and roll accompany us in this heartfelt tribute to family and universal celebration of life.

Join us for the
World Premiere

Have I Told You About the Time...

Friday, February 17th  6:30-8:30

Savannah Cultural Arts Center

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Enhance your technique and dance with joy in

this exciting 2-hour masterclass!

Drawing from a variety of modern dance styles, class begins with a dynamic warmup followed by center and traveling exercises focused on alignment, articulation of the spine, musicality and movement quality.

The final portion of class will be dedicated to learning a short and lively piece of original choreography.


Ben Tucker Theater

Savannah Cultural Arts Center

201 Montgomery St.

Savannah, GA 31401

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February 17, 2023

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Modern Dance Class with Lauren Ohmer Danza Moderna Class in Tulum, Mexico



Martes y Jueves 10:30-12:00

La Casa de María

Colonia La Veleta, Tulum

Para adultos, esta clase se basa en una variedad de estilos y técnicas de Danza Moderna, desarrollando la expresión corporal, el acondicionamiento físico y la conexión cuerpo-mente. Las clases comienzan con un calentamiento seguido de ejercicios en centro y de desplazamiento, y luego pasan a combinaciones dinámicas más largas. La atención se centra en la técnica adecuada, la articulación de la columna (incluidas las contracciones y espirales), la musicalidad y la calidad del movimiento en un entorno abierto y divertido.

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